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original; a new light is warm, shining down on you after the storm

A new light is warm, shining down on you after the storm
Will/Jacob, pg
The train speeds soundlessly through the country, landscape after landscape rushing by outside the window.

A/N: Will and Jacob were my very first OCs that I came to love. After Lance and Jeffery came into my life I've been forgetting about W/J lol, but W/J are really sweet and make me smile so. Wanted to post this just because. :) FYI: they're both born in '93, Will's bi and Jacob's gay, Will's 179cm and Jacob's 184cm.

Title from Dawn by Poets of the Fall.

The train speeds soundlessly through the country, landscape after landscape rushing by outside the window. It’s warm inside the train, a strong contrast from the cold and rainy weather outside. But Will, who's sitting by the window watching the scenery change, has a lump in his chest and it radiates nervousness into his veins. This doesn’t feel right. This cleanness, this silence, this warmth. Everything's too new or too shiny or just too much. He feels like he’s intruding, like he doesn’t belong there. He’s the dirty mouse the cat dragged in. And even though it’s another twenty minutes till he’s going to get off this train, meet Jacob and move onto another train to continue the travel, he can’t seem to relax.

A familiar ringtone startles Will, and he fumbles after his cell phone hurriedly so to not disturb anyone or draw attention. It’s Jacob of course. Before Will can say “hi, I don’t think I belong here and I feel very odd where are you I miss you why aren’t you here with me?” Jacob says “hey,” in that deep and calm voice, and Will instantly feels better. (Just a teeny tiny bit, but still.) “Guess what,” Jacob says and continues before Will can say anything, “there’s this guy here who I bet 20 bucks has shitted his pants at least trice as a child and once as an adult.” Will has to suppress a snort, because that is such a Jacob thing to say. Jacob babbles on and Will listens, content with just hearing Jacob's voice.

After they meet up at the platform they get lost, manage to knock over a kid and almost miss their train, all in five minutes but at last they’re safely inside the train. This train is not silent at all, it lurches left and right and left and right, and it’s cold. But this feels familiar. These hard, uncomfortable seats. The blue-grey plastic floors. The smell, even, is familiar. Jacob laughs in Will’s ear, something about an old lady with a giant, torn purple bag and enormous glasses. Will turns his head just so, and their lips touch briefly, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

Will doesn't like it when things are really new, or really shiny; he likes it when they're slightly old and most of all familiar. He doesn't like it when the surrounding makes him feel like he should have chosen another shirt instead of his old with a comic figure on the front; he likes it when he doesn't have to think about his appearance because he knows nobody else cares. He likes it when he can sit next to Jacob and twine their fingers together without people raising eyebrows, without people looking at them like they're committing a sin or a hate-crime.

Jacob slides a hand around Will's neck and pulls him gently towards himself for another chaste kiss. When they part the old lady with the purple bag smiles at them and says, mostly to herself, "ah, young love". Jacob starts laughing first, but Will follows quickly and when their eyes meet they laugh harder. As Jacob strikes up a conversation with the old lady, Will looks down at their entwined hands and smiles to himself.

Will also really, really likes the way things just seem to fall seamlessly into place whenever Jacob's around.

The End
Tags: original fiction, pairing: will/jacob, pg
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