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shinee; down the drain

Down the Drain
gen, friendship!OnTae (Onew/Taemin), g
“Hyung,” he sat down on the opposite side of the table, “hyung, why does one love?”

A/N: You have no idea how happy I am to get this piece written, mostly because it's been like forever since I last wrote anything :) A very, very big thank you to x_saru_x and thundersquall for helping and giving advice ♥♥♥

Jinki remembers it wasn't that long ago Taemin came to him, saying ”hyung” in a serious voice. Really, it hasn't been that much time, half a year - or perhaps a whole year ago. (Jinki doesn’t really remember anymore, time just seems to fly by and everything is pressed together in a mix of practice, fans, sore throats, joy and injuries.)


“Hyung,” Taemin had said, and had Jinki just looked up from his magazine, he would have seen the way Taemin nervously chewed at his lip, “hyung.” Without lifting his eyes off the article, Jinki had made a noise in the back of his throat. “Hyung,” he had repeated, and Jinki had finally focused his attention on the younger.



“Hyung,” he had sat down on the opposite side of the table, “hyung, why does one love?”


There had been an awkward silence until Jinki made a small, fond noise. “You ask such complex stuff.”


“Then, what are you supposed to do?”


“You mean when you love somebody?” A smile had tugged at the corners of Jinki’s lips. “That one’s easier. Just follow your heart.”


(“You’re really not helping, you know,” Taemin had huffed and got a laugh in response.)





Down, down, down

“Hyung,” says Taemin, crouching down next to Jinki lying on the floor, “hyung.” Jinki opens an eye and peers up at him.



“Hyung, what happens to love when one doesn’t love anymore?” Jinki sits up, leaning back on one elbow, gazing carefully at Taemin, taking in the way his eyes seem to harbor a bit more deep than they had a year ago and the way they seemingly look through him, the others, everything. “Hyung?”

“I guess it ceases to exist.”

“Just like that?”

“I’d think so.”

(“But how does one know when it has ceased to exist?"

“You ask too difficult questions, are you sure you have no homework?”)

the drain, drain, drain


It’s a silent day, one of the rare ones when they have the afternoon off. An old black-white movie is playing on the TV screen, neither of them really watching.

“Hyung,” it isn’t more than a whisper and his voice is hoarse from not having talked since noon. Taemin clears his throat while Jinki looks at him from the corner of his eyes and repeats, a bit louder this time, “hyung.”


“Hyung,” he almost whines and lightly pushes Jinki, “Shut up. What are you supposed to do when you don’t love anymore?”

“I believe you want me to talk now?” Taemin glares at Jinki. “It probably depends on the person. Personally, I’d… I’d try to throw away love and everything related to it.”


“No, not love altogether forever, just the part that’s connected to the person I don’t love anymore.” 

“You mean you'd forget all about it?” 

“Well, yes.”

(“Where does love go once thrown away?”

“I- uh. Let’s watch this movie.”)

goes love, love, love.


“What are you doing?” Jinki asks once he has entered the bathroom to brush his teeth and finds Taemin pouring something into the drain. Several empty glass bottles that Jinki doesn’t recognize as Taemin’s are lined up on the white, quite spotless surface.


“Doesn’t look like nothing.” He doesn’t get an answer and watches in silence as Taemin burns up one, then two, five, eight pictures and gathers the ashes into a pile in a small cup, pouring water on them. He empties it into the sink. “Why are you doing this?”

“I’m throwing away love.”

(“This is going to clog the tubes you know.”

“No way, it’s not thick and strong enough.”

“What is not?”



The End

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